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When you need quality shrink wrap systems that work, you can count on ATW's PacWrap® shrink wrapping equipment. ATW's shrink tunnels for shrink bands, L-sealers, i-bar sealers are all made in the U.S.A. We sell the best impulse heat sealers, and make our own sealer repair kits, heat guns, heat shrink tubing, and shrink films. In the business for over 31 years. Serving both large and small businesses, ATW offers you six grades of shrink wrap films, many models of both manual and automatic sealers, shrink bands and tubing, heat shrink tunnels, L-Sealers, shrink labels and more as well as most any size poly and cellophane bags.

Whether you need standard equipment or custom sized systems or supples, you will find it at ATW.

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ATW offers you a huge selection of Shrink Wrap Films, Bar Sealers, Bag Sealers, Impulse Sealers, Tamper Evident Shrink Bands, Shrink Tubing, Shrink Bags, Poly and Cellophane Bags, High Speed Shrink Wrapping L-Sealer & Shrink Tunnel Systems, Vacuum Chambers and Vacuum Pouches, Sealer tapes, Non-Stick PTFE tapes and cloths for heat sealing applications, Repair Kits for impulse sealers, heating elements for nearly ANY heat sealing application, as well as PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping Machines and supplies.

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PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping I-Bar Sealer Systems..Four Sizes! Choose the size that's right for you! 16", 27", 32", and 42" long seal bars. (Click photo for bar sealer details)

Click here for tips on shrink wrapping gift baskets.

Our newest generation PacWrap® Heat Gun Won't burn holes in your shrink wrap because it was designed specifically for shrink wrapping, not paint stripping. $69.95 Two year warranty! (Click on heat gun photo for details)

The PacWrap® Model 1420 L-Sealer & Tunnel Shrink Wrapping System. Your choice of 8" high or optional 12" high tunnel chamber opening! Shrink Wrap Up To 22 Packages per Minute!
(Click photo for details) $4,395.00 as pictured above, with 15 inch wide , 8 inch high shrink tunnel, complete shrink wrap sealing machine with both sealer and shrink tunnel. Comes complete with heavy-duty stand and locking casters. 110/120 volts (220/240v available $550.00)


The PacWrap® Model 1580 Shrink Tunnel -110v for shrink bands and shrink sleeves features a 8" High by 15" wide Tunnel Chamber Opening! Priced at $2,595.00.

We also offer shrink tunnels with 12" and 20" high tunnel chamber heights.

(Click on photo for details) Shown with optional 24" long takeaway conveyor ($495.00)

We can customize any of our shrink tunnels for your specific application and needs.

The PacWrap® Model 1512 Shrink Tunnel features a 12" High by 15" wide Tunnel Chamber Opening! Priced at $2,995! (Click photo for details) Pictured above with optional heavy-duty stand ($785.00)and 24 inch long gravity roller takeaway conveyor $495.00.

The PacWrap® Model 1520 Shrink Tunnel features a LARGE 20" High by 15" wide Tunnel Chamber Opening! Pricedt at $4,995! (Click on photo for details) Shown with optional heavy-duty stand with locking casters and full width shelf ($785.00)

Call for customized sizes of shrink tunnels for almost any heat shrink tunnel application.

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For complete current or special pricing, call 800-759-3388, or email us at: We also offer a complete line of shrink wrap films, shrink wrap accesories and shrink wrap supplies as well as shrink tubing, gift basket dome shrink bags, shrink bands, high speed overwrap shrink machines, L-sealers, shrink wrap tunnels, heat guns, Non-Stick PTFE Heat Tapes and Cloth® tape, service kits and sealer repair kits for almost any brand of heat sealing or bag sealer equipment and other flexible packaging related products.
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