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ATW Crystal Clear #501 Centerfold PVC - The Best, The Clearest, Highest Retail Sparkle
  • For use with bar sealers, manual and semi-automatic L-Sealers.
  • Perfect for irregular or high profile packages such as gift baskets, chocolate boxes, toys.
  • Easy opening, static free. excellent tensile strength & impact resistance.
  • Exceptional clarity and sparkle.
  • Provide a balanced 44% LOW TEMPERATURE shrink.
ATW Crystal Clear #990 Centerfold Polyolefin Shrink Film
  • Multilayer Polyolefin Shrink Films. (45 to 100 gauge) Flat, Folded, Soft, Irradiated or Low Shrink are all available.
  • Very fast, strong seals.
  • Shrink rate is faster than Cryovac or Clysar, SAVE MONEY!
  • High sparkle and gloss, very low haze.
  • No premature shrink problems or heat damage.
  • CALL US FOR A QUOTE (800) 759-3388
Shrink Bags, Flat for products and Domed for baskets

Shrink Tubing

  • Clear or stock colors, and pre-printed "Sealed For Your Protection" in popular sizes.

  • From 1/2" layflat width to 30"width, 100 gauge (1 mil) and 200 guage (2mil) in stock

  • 3 - 4 mil PVC clear and colors by special order (low minimums)
  • Free measurement and design available for for samples.
ATW Tite-Pallet Stretch Film - More Coverage With Less Film! "Won't Neck Down!" Quiet, Superior Puncture Resistance with Tite-Pallet Technology - Try It!
  • Next generation of LLDPE films featuring our proprietary Metallocene technology.
  • Exceptionally clear, very quiet coming off the roll.
  • Superior Strength, all at lower gauges than standard blown films.
  • Major cost savings, exceptional clarity and quiet performance.
  • Saves you money, with no loss of performance.
  • The perfect choice for demanding packaging applications.
  • Available in 17-1/2" 1,500' Handwrap, 5,000' Machine Rolls
  • Buy it by the 4 Roll Case or Freight Free with a 48 case order!!
  • CALL US! - 800 759-3388 - Try a Case! - YOU'LL SAVE MONEY!
  • We also stock the following stretch films
  • Hand and Machine Stretch Films (Clear, Color, Opaque)
  • Prestretched Hand Wrap
  • Stretch Banding Films
  • Vented Pallet wraps and Stretch Netting
  • Printed Stretch Film
  • Stretch film pricing

For complete current or special pricing, call 800-759-3388, or email us at:
For complete current or special pricing, call 800-759-3388, or email We also offer a complete line of shrink wrap films, shrink wrap accesories and shrink wrap supplies as well as shrink tubing, gift basket dome shrink bags, shrink bands, high speed overwrap shrink machines, L-sealers, shrink wrap tunnels, heat guns, Non Stick PTFE Heat Tapes and Cloth, service kits and sealer repair kits for almost any brand of heat sealing or bag sealer equipment.
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