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Heat Sealers for Cellophane, Foil, Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyethylene, BOPP, Pouches - Direct Heat Seal or Impulse Sealing

Provides Hermetic 1" Width CrimpSeals When Built As A Direct (Hot Jaw) Heat Sealer - or- 1/4" Flat Impulse Seal.

Constant Heat (Hot jaw) or Impulse Bag Sealers with Air Powered Sealing Heads for continuous industrial heat sealing applications. Perfect for foil bags, cellophane bags, vacuum pouches, nylon, laminates, tubing, poly bags, p/p bags. Industrial Production Quality, USA Made

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If you have bags or tubing that require industrial, mission critical, hermetic, PERFECT SEALS every time, regardless of the skill level

of the operator...here's your answer, our PacWrap Air Powered Bag Sealers.

Available 16" wide sealing head versions with your choice of a 1" horizontal crimp seal or a 5/8" impulse seal.

Can be used 24 hours a day/ 365 days a year by "everybody", with perfect results every time.

User Instructions? Step 1. Place what you want to seal between the jaws. Step 2. Press the foot switch. (End of instructions)

Great Seals are always a function of Temperature, Time, AND Pressure applied in perfect combination with each other.

Every PacWrap Air Powered Head Industrial Bag Sealer features:

Direct Contact Jaw Thermostat that provides the perfect Temperature.

Solid State Timer that provides the perfect amount of  Sealing Time.

The adjustable air pressure you set provides the perfect amount of sealing jaw Pressure.

This is the perfect sealer for industrial, high quantity sealing of foil bags, coextrusions, cellophane bags, BOPP pouches, nylon, heat sealing kraft bags, and many difficult to seal materials.  

The PacWrap Air Powered Head Industrial Heat Sealer provides a 1" WIDE horizontal crimp seal..

NOW,  It's also available for you as an impulse sealer with a 5/8" wide seal for sealing any thickness of polyethylene bag, polypropylene bags, BOPP bags, pouches and all sorts of tubing.  Send us some of your bags and let us test it for you! You'll see the end results before you buy!
One year limited warranty. 120 volt standard (household-type) current. Can be connected to your air supply in seconds. (Even small air compressors work fine!)

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Click Here for information on our manual Foot Operated Hot Jaw Sealers for Cellophane and Foil bags

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