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Foot Operated Impulse Sealers - Industrial Production Quality

Foot operated impulse sealers are designed for heavier duty use. Available in either12", 18" or 24" seal lengths with your choice of 2mm seal width (1/8") or 5mm seal width (1/4"). Foot sealers will seal most heat sealable bags and allow the operator to keep both hands free for quicker and more accurate sealing. The variable timer control allows the sealing of all kinds of plastic films up to 24" wide and 20 mil thick, and will also seal foam, and even bubble wrap!

TEW - AIE Foot Sealers are the Perfect Answer for your high volume sealing needs! Optional Adjustable Tilting Heads & Height Extensions Available!

AIEF-302 12" AIEF-452 18"  AIEF-602 24" Tilt Neck Option

Can't decide which seal width (1/8" or 1/4") you need? Send us some of your bags! We'll "sample seal" everything for you, carefully label each and return to you at our expense.
This way you can judge for yourself which seal is better for your needs before you buy!
We Want You Satisfied With Your Purchase!

See Chart Below to Select Model Number for 1/8" or 1/4" seals...Model numbers ending in "02" (1/8" wide seal) or "05" (1/4" wide seal)

12" - 2mm wide sealing wire
18" - 2mm wide sealing wire
24" - 2mm wide sealing wire
12" - 5mm wide sealing wire
18" - 5mm wide sealing wire
24" - 5mm wide sealing wire
Popular Options:All can be added to any sealer to better fit your specific needs.
Impulse Power
600Watts 800Watts 700Watts 1000Watts 1300Watts  
Max. Seal Length
300mm 12" 450mm 18" 600mm 24" 300mm 12" 450mm 18" 600mm 24" 10mm wide impulse element foot sealers are also available. Call or email  
Seal Width
2mm (1/8")
2mm (1/8")
2mm (1/8") 5mm (1/4")
5mm (1/4") 5mm (1/4")

#ATWFST: Tilt Neck Option Foot Sealer Stand Easier Sealing of loose products like powders and liquids to prevent spilling while sealing.

Max. Bag Thickness
16 mil
16 mil
16 mil
16 mil 16 mil #ATWFSX: Height Extension Raises the sealing heads 10 inches making standing operation more comfortable and productive. $180.00
Heat Time
0.2~1.7(sec.) 0.2~1.7(sec.) 0.2~2.2(sec.) 0.2~2.2(sec.) 0.2~2.2(sec.)
52 lbs. (23kg)
57 lbs. (28kg)
65 lbs. (34kg)
54 lbs. (24kg)
62 lbs (29kg) 75 lbs. (35kg)
Web Price Each
$440.00 $515.00
$450.00 $550.00

HUGE inventory of poly bags and tubing, cellophane bags and shrink wrap, shrink bands and shrink tubing. Repair kits and heat wires are Made in USA!

Factory Authorized Service. We stock parts for AIE, TEW, KF, Midwest Pacific and nearly any other brand of sealer! Service Kits, Call us for 18 yard long rolls of Non-Stick PTFE Tapes and Cloth and Fabric , as well as a HUGE inventory of poly bags, cello bags and vacuum pouches! Call Us!

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