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Tamper Evident Shrink Bands, Preform Bands, Shrink Tubing for Security Seals, Cut Bands, Shrink Sleeves and Multi-Pack Sleeves. Clear, Color Tinted or Printed...We have it!

Free Custom - Made Samples for Your Container!

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Tamper Evident Shrink Bands - Cut Bands - Shrink Sleeves - Shrink Sleeves for Multipacks & Printed Shrink Labels - also known as tamper evident seals, safety seals, cap bands, cap seals clear bands, seamless bands, printed with "Sealed For Your Protection" shrink bands.

  • Regardless of the size or shape of your container, ATW can provide you a very economical way to secure the lid, or closure with easy to recognize tamper evident safety seals and shrink bands.
  • Perfect for multi-packs and companion packaging.
  • Send us your containers, and we'll measure for the perfect fit and style you require, AND provide samples for you to try...before you buy.
  • We also offer pre-printed "SEALED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" cut bands and shrink tubing (available in both red and black print) in a variety of popular sizes and colors.
  • Low minimum order requirements with quick turn-arounds are our speciality!
  • Call us! 800 759-3388, 541 484-2111 or email.

Preform Shrink Bands, Security Seals, Clear, Color Tinted or Printed - Any Size - Any Shape - Quick Turnaround - Low Minimum Order Requirements. Also known as shrink sleeves, shrink bands for deli containers, custom shrink bands for specific containers such as dairy containers, shrink bands for glass jars, even heavy-duty shrink bands for batteries!

  • Custom sized for your specific container or application, for fast application of easily recognized tamper evident shrink bands. Any size or shape! We do them all with low minimum orders.

  • Whether it is dairy or deli, plastic containers or glass, ATW's state of the art facility can provide you a custom-sized shrink fit...easy to use, cost effective... professional results. FREE SAMPLES TO TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

  • Easy to use with a Shrink Tunnel or  PacWrap® Heat Gun, depending on the volume you need to shrink wrap.

    Call Us! 800 759-3388, 541 484-2111 or email. .

For complete current or special pricing, call 800-759-3388, or email us at:
For complete current or special pricing, call 800-759-3388 or email
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