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Helpful Techniques & Tips

Flower or similar accent: Using our #501 Crystal Clear Shrink Film you can insert flower enhancements directly through the film into the basket base. This should be done after you have shrunk the film tight. Our #501 Shrink Film won't 'zipper' or tear apart. Then just use the PacWrap® Heat Gun to touch up the holes. You can always place a GLUE DOT or two on the stems and enhansments.

Using GLUE DOTS®or a Hot Glue Gun: Simply apply the Glue Dot (use high tack Glue Dots) or hot glue to your accent, then place it directly onto the tight shrink film. Don't worry about melting the film, our #501 Basket Grade Shrink Film won't tear or separate. It remains strong, clear and beautiful!

NOTE: Film cost for this basket is less than 8 cents.

Wrapping a HUGE Basket: By using center-folded film on your PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping System you can custom make your own HUGE shrink bags for those "one of a kind' jobs, like this child's rocking horse. Simply pull out and cut from the PacWrap PW27 Shrink Wrapping System enough shrink film to cover around what you are wrapping. Peal apart all the seams, making one big sheet of film. Next, fold the film in the opposite direction and seal the sides together. This leaves you with a custom bag, made for just pennies! Place this bag over your object and seal as in the Over The Handle. The rocking horse shown here is 3.5' tall by 4' wide at the base and was wrapped using 26" center-folded ATW#501 Crystal Clear Shrink Film. Also, note that the film cost for wrapping this rocking horse was less than 35 cents!

Helpful Techniques & Tips
Protruding items using Drop-in Method: To have the stuffed animal's head or any other object) protrude out of the top of the basket, simply follow the directions for the "Drop-in Method" (3A-3D) except gather the film under the animal's head (or other object). Any excess film may be trimmed if desired.
Protruding items using Over The Handle: Another way to have accents protrude through the top of a basket is to place your film over the basket, as in Over The Handle (2C). Then, BEFORE you use the PacWrap® Heat Gun, cut a slit in the film smaller than the size of the object. Pull the object through the film making sure not to let the film split too much. Then tape the edges of the slit around the object and shrink as in 2D.
Dollar for dollar the PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping System is the best shrink wrapper you can buy, and here's why! Seals faster and is easier to use. Compact size fits anywhere and can do any size basket. Two year warranty includes the high alloy element wire and our exclusive Doran sealer pad. Exclusive dual in-line fusing means it's safer and can be used anywhere. Convenience of two electrical outlets built into the machine. Made in the U.S.A.
ATW Crystal Clear Shrink Film, the professionals choice for perfect gift baskets. ATW Crystal Clear Shrink Films not only save you big money over imported shrink bags, they are unsurpassed in their quality, clarity, strength and ease of use. Compare for yourself! Top quality, superior sealing, 'shrinkability' and sparkle. It's all yours with ATW Crystal Clear Shrink Films.
The PacWrap® Heat Gun is the heat gun that won't burn holes in your film! Why? Because the
PacWrap® Heat Gun was specifically designed for shrink film (not paint stripping). The exclusive shock mounted motor and heating elements will save you the cost of a repair or replacement every time it's dropped. Fully warranted for Two Years.
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