ATW's Guide to Shrink Wrapping Gift Baskets using the PacWrap® Shrink wrapper and Heat Gun Page2

Tuck Method: Tuck shrink wrap into your basket

1A. By using the PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping System, you'll get exactly the right size shrink bag every time, for better looking baskets, at a fraction of the cost of 'ready-made' bags. To measure the amount of film necessary, pull out enough shrink film to cover the basket. Next, lower the arm on the PacWrap for 2 to 3 seconds. You now have a custom sized bag, perfect for this basket.
1B. Open the bag and place it over the basket. Notice the triangular dog-ears.

1C. These dog-ears may be cut and sealed it desired by using the PacWrap® as shown.

NOTE: Film cost for this basket is 4-5 cents.

1D. After trimming the dog-ears, place the bag over the basket and tuck the film down into it using a spatula as shown.
1E. Using your PacWrap® Heat Gun, begin at the lip of the basket and shrink around the circumference. Next, shrink over the top and down the sides. Don't worry about burning holes in the film. The PacWrap® Heat Gun can be placed directly in contact with the film and not burn through. Just "blow the wrinkles away" as you move the heat gun around the basket.
1F. Add extra filler or accent materials as desired.

Over the Handle: Enclose your complete basket

2A. Pull out enough ATW #501 Crystal Clear Shrink Film to cover your basket. Lower the arm on the PacWrap® Shrink Wrapping System for 2-3 seconds. You've now made a custom shrink bag for this basket quickly and easily, for just pennies!
2B. Open the bag and place it over the basket, laying the folded edge of the film on to the basket handle as shown. If desired, trim the dog-ears by simply noting their size and using the PacWrap® as shown in 1C.

2C. Place the bag over your basket and gather/tuck the extra shrink film under your basket. You may choose to tape the bottom for security, it's up to you.

NOTE: Film cost for this basket is 6-7 cents.

2D. Take the heat gun and hold it right down on the film at the bottom of the basket. Don't worry, the PacWrap® Heat Gun won't burn holes in your film. Proceed around the bottom working your way up to the lip of the basket. Next, shrink directly over the handle, shrinking the film tight to the handle. Finally, using a 'painting' motion, shrink down the film between the handle and the lip of the basket.
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