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PacWrap® Model 2520 & 2530 Shrink Tunnels

Shrink Tunnel Chamber Openings: 25 inches wide by your choice of 20 or 30 inches high

If you are looking for industrial quality, large shrink wrap heat tunnels, you found them. The PacWrap® Models 2520 and 2530 feature 25" wide and either 20" or 30" high shrink tunnel chamber openings.

Perfect for multi-packs, companion packaging, gift baskets and other large packages

With Automatic Cool-Down Cycle For Trouble Free Operation

Model 2520 (Tunnel Chamber 25" wide by 20" tall) -- $16,500.00 220 volt 1 phase

Model 2530 (Tunnel Chamber 25" wide by 30" tall) -- $18,500.00 220 volt 1 phase

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If your needs require a big shrink tunnel for big packages, we've got your answer!

ATW's PacWrap® Models 2520 and 2530 Turbo-Aire™ Heat Shrink Tunnels. Featuring industry leading heat chamber opening sizes of 25" wide by either 20" or 30" in height.

These tunnels are your answer for high volume shrink wrapping of gift baskets, companion packaging, banded clamshells, large containers and multipaks, you name it! Using virtually any standard shrink wrap film, shrink band, shrink tubing or shrink bag. With two powerful heat re-circulating blower motors and heat banks, these tunnels perfect for both the largest and smallest packages. The conveyor will handle up to 55 lb. packages...easily.


100% temperature hearth coverage, means every cubic inch inside the tunnel chamber efficiently maintains the same temperature automatically within three degrees f. So if need be, these heat shrink tunnels also will shrink DVD's or other low profile packages.


Using precise temperature controllers and long life Therma 2000 heating elements, these shrink tunnels provide the highest degree of energy efficient control available at ANY price. They operate with up to 20% greater energy efficiency than other models in this size class.

This means that during use, rather than turning the heaters fully "on" or fully "off" to maintain the precise temperature you set, the controllers "ramp up" and "ramp down" just enough heat to maintain perfect temperatures inside the tunnel chamber.

Also, the blowers and heaters are electronically separated from each other, so if for some reason one shuts down, the other keeps operating and your production line stays in business!


The Automatic Cool-Down cycle on the PacWrap® 2520 and 2530 Shrink Tunnels will save you both time and money for years to come!

How? By eliminating the need to turn off the heat tunnel chamber and conveyor heaters prior to turning off the system. With automatic cooling, you simply set the necessary heat and speed settings and leave them. When you're finished shrinking, leave the heat and conveyor settings as you had them, and simply turn-off the main power switch on the front of the shrink tunnel.

The heaters then shut-down while the motor, blowers and fans continue to run until a safe stopping temperature is achieved. Then, the tunnel shuts itself off automatically.

Plus, this automatic gradual cooling after each use greatly extends the life of the motors, blowers and fans while eliminating the daily setup of correct temperatures and conveyor belt speeds. When you need to run the tunnel again, just turn on the main power switch and all your previous settings come back. There is NO need to reset anything every time the tunnel is used.

Set the heat and conveyor speeds you require the the setting stay in place for the next use.


Both shrink tunnels are virtually maintenance free, built with permanently lubricated high speed blowers, motors and fans. Just turn them on and let them run! 220/240 volt single phase power means no costly three phase wiring is required. All the electrical switches and components on the Models 2520 and 2530 PacWrap® Shrink Tunnels are located away from the tunnel chamber, and are forced air cooled assuring you maintenance free long life.

Maintenance Free Performance for Reliable Service Under Continuous Use.
These PacWrap® Turbo-Aire™ high performance Shrink Tunnels provide superior results with virtually any shrink film, yet operate on standard 220 volt, single phase power (40 or 50 amp circuit required...depending on the model).

The PacWrap® Models 2520 and 2530 Shrink Tunnels with their huge chamber openings is the answer for fast and efficient shrinking of shrink wrap film over Gift Baskets and or other high / wide profile packages and multi-packs. They are as versatile as they are energy efficient.

Built for continuous use - at an affordable price - works with virtually any standard shrink film, shrink bag, or shrink band. These large
Shrink Tunnels are the easy answer for your large size packaging shrink wrapping needs.

Call us today and let us build one for you.

Built with pride by ATW Manufacturing Co., Inc.
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Overall Dimensions

Model 2520: 60" high, 32" width, 48" length - Shipping weight total Approximate 487 lbs.

Model 2530: 70" high, 32" wide, 48" length - Shipping weight total: Approximate 547 lbs.

Tunnel Chamber Opening

Model 2520: 20" high, 25" wide

Model 2530: 30" high, 25" wide

Tunnel Conveyor

Overall length both models: 48"

Maximum product load carrying weight: 55 lbs.

Tunnel Blowers
Both models feature two, high temp blowers with ambient forced air blower motor cooling for long motor life. Permanently lubricated blowers, motors and fans.
Tunnel Chamber
Ducted re-circulated heated air and fully insulated for energy efficiency.
Heat Controls
Individual Temperature Controllers and Thermostats for Tunnel Chamber and Conveyor Belt Heat
Power Requirements
220 / 240 Volts, standard single phase (household type current 40/50 amp circuit required)
Extremely Durable Powder Coating

One Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Made in America

Other Custom Tunnel Sizes Available. Call or email
PacWrap® Shrink Tunnels More Shrink Tunnel Sizes

Built By ATW Manufacturing Company, Inc.
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Efficient, High Performance Therma 2000 heating elements.

Fully Insulated

Energy Efficient

Your choice of Heat Chambers either 25" wide by 20" height (Model 2520) or 25" wide by 30" height (Model 2530)

Dual High Temp Blowers

Precise Temperature Controllers (+/- 3 degrees f)

Automatic Cooling and Shutdown

No Need to Ever Reset Controls!

Variable Speed, Heated Conveyor , Perfect for Baskets, Shrink bands or multi-packs.

Built to run 24 hours a day! 220/240 volt, 1 phase

Price includes heavy-duty stand, with full width bottom shelf and locking casters.

Isolated electronics for safe operation

Two independent heater banks for the tunnel chamber

Conveyor belt heat with it's own thermostat for pre-shrink

Conveyor can carry up to 55lb packages

Modular construction for ease of maintenance

One year limited parts warranty