PacWrap 1580 & 1512 Turbo-Aire™Shrink Tunnels
Model 1512, shown with optional stand with casters ($535.00) & takeaway conveyor ($335.00). Variable speed conveyor with infinitely adjustable thermostat for belt heat controls is standard on all our heat shrink tunnels.

With your choice of tunnel chamber heights, these PacWrap® heat shrink tunnels are designed and built to provide the perfect combination of heat and airflow for virtually any standard shrink film or shrink band. Highly energy efficient, both models feature 15" wide tunnel chamber openings. Economical to own. Economical to operate. Can be run 24 hours a day. PERFECT FOR SHRINK BANDS TOO!

General Specifications and Pricing

PacWrap® Model 1580: $2,295.00 PacWrap® Model 1512: $2,695.00
Tunnel Chamber Opening:
8" High, 15" Wide 12" High, 15" Wide
Overall Dimensions: 35.5" Long, 19.5" Wide, 21" High 35.5" Long, 19.5" Wide, 26" High
Tunnel Conveyor: Variable-Speed Heated Belt 0-30 FPM Variable-Speed Heated Belt 0-30 FPM
Power Requirements: 120-Volt Standard Household-type current 20 amp-circuit required (220/240 Volt available) 120-Volt Standard Household-type current 20-amp circuit required (220/240 Volt available)
Shipping Weight: 160 lbs. 180 lbs.
Warranty: One-Year Limited Warranty One-Year Limited Warranty
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