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® 1580 & 1512
Turbo-AireShrink Tunnels
Model 1580 Heat Shrink Tunnel, tabletop version
Shown with optional 24" takeaway conveyor ($335.00)
TURBO-AIRE™ Shrink Tunnels

With Automatic Cool-Down Cycle for Trouble-Free Operation.

Affordably Priced - Industrial Performance. Energy Efficient!

Perfect for Shrink Bands & Shrink Films, Shrink Bags and Tubing!

  • Fully insulated heated chamber
  • Model 1580 15" wide, 8" high $2,295.00
  • Model 1512 15" wide, 12" high $2,695.00
  • Automatic cooling and shutdown after use.
  • Variable speed conveyor with adjustable heat settings.
Permanently Lubricated Motors, Blowers & Fans Means Maintenance-Free Performance for Reliable Service under Continuous Use.

These PacWrap® Turbo-Aire shrink tunnels deliver industrial quality performance with virtually any shrink film or shrink band, yet operate on standard 120-volt power (20-amp circuit required). 220/240 volt 50/60 Hz is available.
Energy-efficient / fully insulated tunnel chambers.
Separate thermostats for the tunnel chamber and heated conveyor belt assure complete heat coverage for fast, uniform shrinkage of film around the package.
The automatic cool-down cycle on the PacWrap® heat shrink tunnels will save you time and money for years to come.
How? By eliminating the need to manually cool of the chamber and conveyor. With automatic cool-down, when your shrinkwrapping is completed, you simply flip off the main power switch.

The heaters then shut down while the motors, blowers and fans continue to run until a safe stopping temperature is achieved. (About 10 minutes). Then the tunnels will automatically shut off.
This gradual cooling after each use greatly extends the life of the motors, blowers and fans while eliminating the daily setup of the correct temperatures and conveyor speeds. There's virtually no need to touch the heat controls again! Quick 5 to 7 minute warm up times too!
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