AIE / TEW Constant Heat Sealers for Cellophane, Laminates and Foils

Constant Heat (Direct Heat) Sealers - 8", 12", 16" Seal Lengths

  • Provides a 5/8" wide mesh seal on all cello, foil and laminated bags and materials. True, "hot jaw" hermetic seals. (Openable)
  • Precise Temperature Controller keeps both jaws heated exactly the same for perfect sealing!
  • "BEEPS" when the seal is completed.
  • Direct sealing with even heat distribution.
  • Not for polyethylene (PE), but perfect for polypropylene (PP) bags, cello, foils coffee bags, heat sealable kraft, tyvek, coextrusions and laminated candy bags like our "123" laminated bags for candy and baked goods.
  • Seal is openable without tearing the bag!
THS 200, 300, 400
Specifications and Pricing:
THS-200 $379.00
THS-300 $469.00
THS-400 $595.00
Impulse Power:
Max. Seal Length:
8 inches
12 inches
16 inches
51 lbs.
53 lbs.
55 lbs.
13x13x35.5 (inches)
14.5x15x35.5 (inches)
18x15x35.5 (inches)
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