PacWrap® 1420 LS-C / L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel Combo - A Complete Shrink Wrapping System

$3,895 complete with 8" tall shrink tunnel and stand with full width shelf and casters. MADE IN USA
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More Important Features Than Any System in this Price Range, Just Compare!

  Up to 22 Packages pre minute
  • 8" (standard) or optional 12"or 20" high Shrink Tunnels
  • Variable Speed, Heated Conveyer will carry packages up to 50 lbs.
  • Automatic Cool-Down Cycle
  • Reliable Solid State Electronics
  • Easy to Read Temperature Controls
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A

The PacWrap® 1420 LS-C is a heavy-duty, production shrink wrapping system loaded with important quality features. It comes complete with your choice of the standard 8" high by 15" wide tunnel chamber opening or 12" high by 15" wide heat chamber opening , or 20" high heat shrink tunnel . The shrink tunnel conveyor will handle up to 50 lbs. packages at once.

All high performance shrink tunnels come with heated, variable speed conveyors and and feature automatic cool-down cycles, solid-state sealing electronics, heavy-duty stand with locking casters, and much more! Built for dependable industrial production type use, the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C is as good for your bottom line as it is for your production line. Up to 22 packages per minute!

The PacWrap® 1420 LS-C comes standard with large, energy effcient heat shrink tunnel with an 8" high by 15" wide shrink wrap chamber opening - one of the largest tunnels available in this price range, providing you the most package size versatility of any competing shrink wrapping combo L-Sealer with shrink tunnel machine.
The variable-speed, heated conveyor on the 1420 LS-C has it's own separate thermostat to contol belt heat, providing you high speed, superior results with virtually any shrink film. With separate controls for conveyor heat and speed as well another thermostat for the tunnel chamber temperature, getting consistent, high-quality packages is a breeze! Fast too!

The automatic cool-down cycle on this L-Sealer will save you both time and money for years to come.

When you are finished shrink wrapping, there is no need to touch the tunnel thermostats again. No need to have someone wait around to for the system to cool down. Just flip the main power switch off and the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C goes into it's "auto-cool" mode. All the heating elements will shut down, but the blowers, motors and fans will continue running automatically for about 10 - 12 minutes.

Then once a safe stopping temperature is achieved, the L-Sealer will safely and automatically turn itself off. Plus, this gradual cooling after each use greatly extends the life of the motors and fans. The PacWrap® 1420 LS-C is the only system in this price range with automatic cooling as a standard feature.

The PacWrap® 1420 LS-C features 100% solid-state sealing electronics. We use American-made, ultra high-amp solid-state relays; not flimsy printed circuit boards that are prone to burn out, or old-fashioned mechanical contactors with springs that break and contact points to keep clean.

Our heavy-duty solid-state relays give the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C the highest level of electronic dependability available . . . period.

Digital, electronic temperature compensation is another great standard feature that provides perfect consistent, high-quality sealing, regardless of the operator's skill level. How? As any sealer is used, heat builds up in the sealing element wires, making the time, temperaure and pressure of the 1000th seal very different from seal #1.

The Modex Digital Temperature Compensator on the 1420 LS-C actually measures the residual heat in the heat wires between seals, then only provides the amount of power to the elements that was required to achieve the perfect first seal.

This brings two important benefits to the operator:

1. Everyone in the shop will produce quality seals every time with the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C. The operator doesn't need to "compensate" for the gradual heat build-up by changing the way they operate the L-Sealer over a day's time.

2. This automatic temperature compensation feature greatly increases the life of the element wires, the transformer that supplies the power to them, and saves on operator fatigue. You'll find this feature on $30,000 L Sealers! It's standard on all the PacWrap® L-Sealers that ATW builds.

The 1420 LS-C operates on one 120-volt outlet (20-amp circuit required). 220/240 volt version available
The heavy duty stand for the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C features locking casters and a convenient full width shelf for storage of all your supplies. Plus many other important features such as a six-position, adjustable sealing platform, an audio buzzer to let you know when a seal is completed, stainless steel hole punch and a fully adjustable trim indicator. It all adds up to the most complete, most trouble-free production quality L-Sealer system available in its price range. Nothing else compares.
Optional features for the PacWrap® 1420 LS-C L-sealer with tunnel combo machine
  • Film Perforator roller ($375.00) provides micro perforations in the shrink film for faster shrink times. Includes the roller, adjustable shaft collars, and pin perforator.
  • Magnetic arm hold down.($495.00) Includes dual magnets, adjustable solid state magnet timer.
  • Stainless steel sealing tray I.L.O. standard powder coat ($295.00)
  • 24 inch long by 15 inch wide roller take away conveyor.($335.00)
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